Investment opportunities and payment conditions

Investment opportunities and payment conditions

An investor can purchase the desired apartment floor as the sole investor.

Up to 5 investors (depending on the number of apartments on the floor) can form a group of investors. The group purchases the desired floor, where each individual investor is responsible for one or several apartments.

Please note that a 30% discount is applied to the purchase of entire floors. The investment cannot be distributed between the floors. 20% + 10% VAT of the discounted purchase amount is paid upon entering into the contract against a bank guarantee from the contractor’s bank.

When the contractor is in possession of the final building permit and the project is commenced, the remaining 80% + 10% VAT of the purchase amount will be divided into 4 equal deposits.

The deposits follow the construction process up until completion and title registration. A bank guarantee from the contractor’s bank is issued for all deposits.
The total purchase costs for investment in Spain amount to approximately 13% of the purchase amount for purchases of homes under construction. The costs include the above- mentioned 10% VAT,

a document fee of 1.5 % of the purchase amount, attorney fees, registration of the home in the land register, expenses for title registration of the home, as well as registration of water and electric meter.

We make reservations regarding changes/increases in any costs associated with the purchase of a new home in Spain.